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Carol's Heart

Carol’s Beauty's victory is in changing someone's life, touching their soul, making them believe in themselves, bringing out the faith that lies within, and adding confidence!

Who I am, is not defined by the beauty lords of society or highlighted by social media cult! As I see myself; I am the one who has answers and presents solutions, raw and tardy at times but I play so many roles!

I try my level best to make a difference for the people connected to me. Self-belief is the weapon that makes anything possible. Being the “real you” can produce all the desired results and trust me you should not fake it till you make it! My sole purpose and calling are to prove to the world that a woman can succeed! She can triumph by just being herself with all her modesty and humility. Her zest for success is insatiable and her will is all she needs!

We aim to bring awareness that fake looks according to social media and the irrelevant scales of beauty measures are unacceptable and harmful. Real beauty comes from the elements that define “naturally you”, “Simply beautiful as you want to be and not to meet any set criteria!”

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