Product Formulation

About the Product

The only tanning solution in Australia to have full Australian Certified Organic under the COSMOS STANDARD for both products. Our carrot and henna complex helps to maximize your time spent in the sun, giving your skin a bronzed glow faster and boost your vitamin D. Achieve a glowing, natural sun-kissed tan, targeting wrinkles, eczema and stretch marks.

Product Philosophy

Born from the belief that true beauty starts within, my tanning lotions and It created oils by combining the finest organic carrot oil alongside other natural ingredients that nurture your skin's deeper layers, whilst accelerating the tanning process. I believe that I have created something truly worthy of your skin and I hope you love it as much as I do!


We're proud to be Australia's only 100% certified organic tan-enhancing products. What's more, all our products have never been tested on animals and are all created in Australia. Carol's Beauty has completed the rigorous certification process required to achieve approval by Australia Certified Organic under the COSMOS European Standard.

Product Formulation:

Years of painstaking research and development followed to perfect Carol's Beauty formulations that you know and love. Our nourishing formulations are crammed full of naturally derived, organic ingredients and vitamins that will treat your skin whilst developing a gorgeous Aussie glow, as they enable you to spend less time in the sun's damaging rays.

As suntan lovers, we know the natural look and feel of a great tan. Also as well-informed people who still love the outdoors, we know the importance of taking a balanced approach to UV exposure without risking health. Carol’s Beauty products work as an instant activation formula; that accelerates and supports the body’s system of melanin production. The desired results are achievable in 10 minutes of exposure daily.

Product Application