Carol's Why

Carol wears several hats, among them mother, wife, friend and entrepreneur are the paragons of her presence. She is an advocate for self-love and self-care. Her ethos for inclusivity, accessibility, and efficacy makes her a force to reckon with in the clean beauty movement. “When you feel your best, you unapologetically radiate that power and love to those around you,” says Carol. 

“The fact that my job doesn’t feel overburdening to me is because I find it satisfying and inspiring. I believe I am truly living when I have something to do. Solving problems, moving things forward, or creating something keeps me going. I love the sense of gratification I get when customers tell me what a difference our products have made to their lives.”

Carol’s Beauty Products are a mix of holistic, natural beauty and wellness brands supported by research and processed by modern technology; for the generations. Rules for the skin are similar to the rules of eating as it is the largest part of the body. What's not good for your body; one should not apply to the skin as well. 

We’re all aware of the need to slip slop slap, but finding a balance between protecting our skin and having a healthy glow is a perennial problem for lots of Aussie people. 

Torn between blistering our skin in the summer sun or being stuck with a streaky fake tan or uneven coloration, men and women from all walks of life alike have very little choice when it comes to finding a middle ground.

Another lost benefit that cannot be emphasised enough about being out in the sun is it is the direct source of Vitamin - D. After Carol Jaber suffered very low vitamin D, trying the traditional medications had the little benefit as compared to the real source; the “Nature”! A direct dose of 10 minutes a day in the sun will supercharge the deficits naturally.

“I’ve always been conscious of the damaging effects the sun can have on my skin, but at the same time I knew the importance of vitamin D. I realized there was a need for a product between these extremes so I set about developing one.” - Carol

After years of research and development, Jaber developed a product that allowed women to adhere to limited time which is “10 Minutes” in the sun each day, which ensured their time in the sunshine delivered maximum results.

Carol’s Beauty Products provide all-natural sun tan enhancers that allow people to maintain strict time limits exposed to the sun yet enhance their opportunity to develop a rich tan without damaging the sun’s rays. And hey, we are not just saying it 10 minutes is the scientific allowance. 

Sun-kissed Aussies are embracing the sun with a new outlook. People love the chance to maximize their time in the sun, to be able to increase their vitamin D, and opportunity to tan while still adhering to recommended sun protection guidelines.